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By The End Of The Day One Million People Will Demand The BBC Not Fire Clarkson

Road Rage

A final decision by the network is expected at any time.

Just about everyone by now is aware of Jeremy Clarkson’s latest debacle with his employer, the BBC. Yesterday we reported he actually punched, or at least took a swing at, an assistant Top Gear producer who was late bringing the big man his dinner. The incident supposedly took place sometime last week but was only made public a couple of days ago. And now the remaining three episodes of Top Gear season 22 are cancelled. As the BBC debates its next step, word has it that Clarkson may beat it to the punch.

The RadioTimes reports that an anonymous source close to Clarkson claims he may quit the BBC altogether. “The last three episodes of this series have been pulled,” the source said. “Can I see him going back to film another BBC series? I don’t think so. But he’ll be fine. The other broadcasters will bite his arm off.” At the same time, a petition has gone up on Change.org calling for Clarkson’s reinstatement. As of writing, nearly 700,000 have signed it, but the BBC’s decision is expected very soon. Clarkson has a weekly column in the Sunday Times and he’s used that venue in the past to write about his side of the story regarding his mishaps. The BBC might want to say something first.

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