Bye-Bye Shelby GT500, Hello Cobra?

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Is Ford planning to drop the Shelby GT500 from the next Mustang's lineup? Possibly and the new SVT model could simply be called Cobra.

Yesterday's spy shots of the 2015 Ford Mustang were a big deal for several reasons, mainly because it was the first time we were able to see a working prototype without the current car's sheetmetal (Ford previously used the body shell of the 2013 Mustang over the chassis of the new car). While we can clearly see the dimensions of the new Mustang don't appear to be drastically different than the current car, there could be a major change when it comes to naming the next high-performance SVT version.

There's a new rumor claiming that Ford may in fact drop the Shelby GT500 moniker in favor of Cobra. Another interesting bit of info suggests that Ford could even ditch the supercharger from the optional 5.0-liter V8 altogether. Take note that the new Camaro Z/28, unlike the ZL1, doesn't have a supercharged V8, so Ford may opt to make its new SVT Mustang more of direct competitor to the Z/28 instead. For now, these are all simply rumors and we'll have to wait almost a year until the real facts come out.

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