C5 Z06, C6 Vettes Battle a Turbo S2000

A pair of Corvettes battle a tuned Honda S2000 for some night time racing action.

Did you think we were done with racing videos for today? Nope, because this one is just a little too good not to share. It is Father's Day after all. Pairing up a couple of old Vettes against a Honda S2000 doesn’t really sound like a fair fight, but we’re totally interested in seeing what happens anyway. Now, each of these three cars has been modified in one way or another, but the S2000 has been upgraded to produce 500 horsepower. Yeah, that’s a bit bonkers – just the way we like it.

So can the now dearly departed S2000 hold its own against two generations of America’s supercar (also known as the "Plastic Fantastic")? Check out the video to see the three in action.

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