C7 Corvette Stingray is the Superman of Sports Cars

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It's not stronger than a train, but definitely stronger than a Lincoln.

Back in February we all shared a moment silence for the first C7 Stingray crash. Nevertheless one of the most impressive features of the upcoming 2014 Corvette Stingray is it's improved strength. Corvettes of the past have been made primarily of fiberglass and that tradition certainly continues with the C7, however lighter and stronger carbon fiber has been used for the hood, roof and door panels. Additionally the aluminum frame is almost 60% stronger than that of the one used by the C6.


That all sounds fine and good on paper but it's not until we see it in a real world test that we understand what this truly means. That day has come. Recently, a rather heavy Lincoln Town Car crashed into a Cybergray Stingray while the car was still under testing. The resulting pictures are remarkable. The C7 took some damage from the hit but seemed to stay more or less in tact while maintaining its shape and structure. The damage seemed to pale in comparison to the Lincoln whose front end folded inward like an accordian. In the picture posted below we couldn't help but notice how it reminded us of what a car would look like if it had just ran into Superman.

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