C8 Corvette Stingray Gets Hot New Carbon-Fiber Kit

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It's not cheap, though.

Not everything has gone 100 percent according to plan for the latest Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C8. Despite starting at a great price of under $60,000, finding a base C8 has been extremely challenging. There have been quality issues that have plagued some new Corvettes and, more recently, one of the most desirable options had fallen away. But of course, the latest Corvette has a lot in its favor too, and we can now add a carbon fiber aero package from Atomic 6 Carbon to that list. Based in Florida, Atomic 6's upgrade atones for the carbon fiber package that Chevy discontinued earlier this year.

Atomic 6 Carbon/Facebook Atomic 6 Carbon/Facebook Atomic 6 Carbon/Facebook

Described as OEM-inspired, Atomic 6 Carbon's package adds side skirts and a front splitter in 100 percent carbon fiber. That's pretty much exactly what was offered by Chevy's own 5VM Visible Carbon Fiber Splitter and Side Skirts Package, which has since been canned due to the supplier being unable to meet the demand. The 5VM-Style Ground Effects Aero Package from Atomic 6 Carbon goes for $5,999, which makes it over $1,000 pricier than the package Chevy offered. Still, many buyers are unlikely to care about the higher price as the original option was so popular, anyway.

Atomic 6 Carbon Atomic 6 Carbon

Although the C8 is very aggressive even in stock form, the package adds a welcome extra dash of attitude to its overall appearance. If the Ground Effects Package's price is a bit too steep, Atomic 6 also offers a Z51-Style Front Splitter in FRP composite or 100 percent carbon fiber at a more affordable price of $999. Getting this front splitter from Chevrolet will require you to specify the full Z51 Performance Package for $5,000. Unfortunately, some owners won't even get their 2020 Corvettes this year so will have to wait even longer to take advantage as aftermarket accessories become more readily available for the C8.

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