C8 Corvette Won't Cost Much More Than The C7

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If Bob Lutz says so, then it's probably true.

The all-new mid-engined C8 Chevrolet Corvette may be delayed by six months or so, but that doesn't mean there won't be any updates in the meantime. One of the many topics of conversation surrounds the C8, other than its mid-engine setup, is pricing. One report from November claimed the C8 will carry a $170,000 price tag, three times more expensive than the current C7 Stingray. Even the C7 ZR1 starts off at $120,000. Chances are, that $170k price could be for a future and more extreme C8 variant, such as the rumored 1,000-hp beast.

But the MidEngineCorvette Forum has learned from a few sources, specifically former GM VP Bob Lutz in a recent interview that the C8 is going to be just a fraction more expensive than the C7.


Lutz also reiterated this to Road and Track, going on record saying that "the goal is to sell the C8, version for version, at a little more than the C7. The superfast variants will come out two to three years later and cost more than $100,000, just like today's phenomenal ZR1."

This approach makes sense because Chevrolet long ago realized it would be a huge mistake to make the Corvette suddenly unaffordable. Plus, doing so would go against everything the Corvette has stood for. "The goal, as always with Corvette, is to equal or beat exotics costing many times more," Lutz added. "It will be the best value on the planet." Although he's retired, Lutz still receives plenty of inside information from his former employer.


Typically, each new subsequent Corvette generation has seen a slight price bump from that of its immediate predecessor. If the current C7 begins at around $55,000, then expect the C8 to base at no more than $60,000. Right now, however, there are more important things for the C8 team to figure out. Specifically that electrical issue, the source of the C8's debut delay.


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