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Caddy Expansion Plans Target Full Showroom Offerings

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Starting with two new models in the next two years.

Cadillac's newly introduced ATS will be joined shortly by the ATS Coupe and Escalade, making their European debut in Geneva. But according to Cadillac execs, these models mark the start of an onslaught of new models, geared at offering a "full showroom for our consumers and dealers". In addition to redesigned models, Cadillac will add two entirely new cars to its lineup in the next 18-30 months, including a Buick Encore-sized crossover and its new rear-wheel drive flagship sedan.

According to sources, the company is looking into additional models- like a larger crossover SUV. In all, the company says it has more vehicles under development than at any time in GM history. However, Caddy still doesn't plan to compete, range-wise, with the numerous offerings by German competitors like Mercedes-Benz, which has 13 nameplates and 65 models in model year 2014. America's luxury automaker plans to compete with a total of nine nameplates by the end of the decade, topped by the flagship $100,000-plus RWD sedan that will take on the likes of Mercedes S Class, BMW 7-Series and Audi A8.

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