Cadillac ATS Convertible Rendered

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If you absolutely need a convertible Caddy right now.

Cadillac doesn't exactly keep it a secret that the ATS is aimed at taking sales away from the BMW 3-Series. It's an ambitious goal, but the ATS is quite a good car, and it's not impossible to imagine that it could work. Cadillac has now also announced that there will be a coupe version of the car, which would obviously be aimed at the new 4-Series. But there is one body style from BMW which is remaining unchallenged, the convertible.

Now, it is entirely possible that such a car will follow the coupe, but the folks at Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE) have decided not to wait, and have rendered a topless version of the four-door car to see if there was any interest in such a car. Should demand be sufficient, they would build it themselves, presumably complete with the weird basket handle roll bar. It's a treatment that NCE has given to several Cadillac models already, but we personally think that Cadillac would do well to actually make a factory convertible in this case.

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