Cadillac ATS Coupe is Coming to Detroit

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Goodbye CTS coupe, we're gonna miss you. ATS coupe: we have high expectations.

Fact: there won't be another Cadillac CTS coupe. The current car will soon disappear from the lineup. In its place will be a new two-door. And no, we're not talking about the ELR. It has just been confirmed that the ATS coupe will have its official debut at the Detroit Auto Show this January. From the rumors we've been hearing, it's going to be a stunner. Considering Cadillac's latest offerings are some of the most beautiful the brand has ever done, this new coupe will be more than just a two-door variant of the ATS sedan.

Expect to see a sleeker and sexier design. It'll share the sedan's lineup of four- and six-cylinder engines and standard six-speed automatic gearbox. A high-performance V series coupe is also in the pipeline. Set to go on sale next summer, the ATS coupe will compete head-on with the likes of the BMW 4 Series and the Lexus RC. On a side note, we're really going to miss the CTS coupe, notably the V8-powered CTS V two-door.

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