Cadillac ATS-V Shows BMW M3 Who's Boss

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ATS-V shows how to use it's 464 hp just right.

The Cadillac ATS-V is pretty much the American equivalent of the BMW M3/4 and the Mercedes-AMG C63S. This is not only thanks to the horsepower output of the car, it goes for the handling too. Engineers have done their level best to make sure the Cadillac is an attractive alternative to the German cars, and with the specs on hand and the looks of the car it can definitely compete. On the pricing front it wins hands down though. In this here video you can see just how good the ATS-V is on the quarter mile against a BMW M3.

The Cadillac looks to have gotten the better start, but the BMW does a good attempt at catching up. It looks like it may have been a dial-in bracket race though.

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While the Cadillac does take the win on time over the BMW, the trap speeds look to tell a different tale. The ATS-V traps at 119.82 mph and the BMW get 105.89 mph, this leads one to believe that the BMW might have tapped off a little before then end of the run so as not to break out of the 11.5 second bracket. Even if this is the case, the win on the day went to the Cadillac and that's what counts. So you can save heaps of money and have a car capable of beating the BMW benchmarkers, but if you buy the ATS-V just to be different, that saving can go into performance upgrades that will definitely see the BMWs trailing. That's what we'd do.

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