Cadillac Buyers are Paying German-Dollar for their CTSs

Spending as much as 5 Series and E-Class buyers.

For the first time in recent history, Cadillac buyers werewilling to spend as much for their 2014 CTS luxury sedans as other buyers paid fortheir Mercedes-Benz E-Class and BMW 5 Series. In 2013, the average CTS soldfor less than $44,000 – $16,000 less than its German rivals. This year, the averageCaddy CTS went for $54,571, while BMW 5 Series sedans brought in $56,284 andE-Classes earned Mercedes an average of $55,788 per unit.

Cadillac's new-for-2014 CTS seems to have given buyers reason enoughto spend German-dollar on Detroit output. In addition, the new model’s largerselection of engines and improved options allowed dealers to draw a wider crowd, and to charge up to $73,000 for a fully-loaded CTS. Meanwhile, Cadillac’s salesnumbers are still lagging behind, with the E-Class leading the segment and BMWstill 27 percent ahead of the CTS.

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