Cadillac CEO Confirms The CT6 Isn't Going Anywhere


Unless GM isn't telling him something.

Just yesterday we reported, according to Reuters, that GM was considering a plan that would see the discontinuation of several models, such as the Chevrolet Impala, Volt, and Cadillac CT6. But something about the idea of the still nearly new CT6 getting the axe didn't sit right, so Jalopnik worked the phones and managed to reach Cadillac CEO Johan de Nysschen, and asked him straight up about this rumor. "That report came as a surprise to me, too," de Nysschen stated.

"There is absolutely, if I could speak all capitals now, they'd be coming out of my mouth, there is absolutely no plan, at all, to cancel the CT6." So that's good to hear. De Nysschen's comment makes sense because Cadillac previously confirmed that the CT6 also serves as something of a test bed for future technologies (specifically the Super Cruise autonomous tech); why kill that off? In fact, de Nysschen stressed that not only is the CT6 here to stay, even more money will be invested in it over the next few years. "The (CT6) forms a very important part of our product strategy going forward for the brand," the CEO continued.

"The car also has a very major contribution to make to the shaping of brand perceptions, and the transformational process that Cadillac is undergoing as far as that is concerned." A new and fully modern internal combustion engine, de Nysschen revealed, will also find its way to the CT6 in the few years. However, de Nysschen reiterated that once both the ATS and CT6 reach the end of their product cycles, there won't be "natural successor" and instead the brand will "re-balance (its) sedan portfolio." But that's still a few years away, and the CT6 isn't going anywhere and will instead die its natural, planned product cycle discontinuation, whenever that happens.


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