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Cadillac CEO Used As Hands-Free Driving Guinea Pig

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And the Lieutenant Governor of New York. Hopefully nothing goes wrong.

Cadillac has just announced that a fleet of 12 Super Cruise-Equipped CT6 sedans will begin a 16-state road trip across America to demonstrate the luxury brand's new hands-free driving. Beginning near Cadillac's New York City headquarters, the 130,000-mile journey will end in California, and travel through major cities, including Cleveland, Chicago, Memphis, Dallas and Phoenix. Super Cruise is a new hands-free driving technology specifically developed for freeways.

As part of the cross-country demonstration, Cadillac's own CEO, Johan de Nysschen, will be one of the driving participants, meaning he himself will be at the wheel of these Super Cruise-equipped CT6s. In fact, he'll be joined by New York Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul.

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Her boss, Governor Andrew Cuomo, has been a major proponent of self-driving technology. Cadillac was also recently granted a New York automated vehicle license under a new law Governor Cuomo supported. Super Cruise, which utilized two advanced technology systems – a driver attention system and precision LiDAR map data – will be available as an option beginning this fall in the 2018 CT6, though Cadillac has yet to announce how much the feature will cost.