Cadillac Chief Wants a $250k Model But it Won't Arrive Until Around 2029

Yes, that's 15 years from now.

Cadillac no longer wants to be associated with the so-called mainstream General Motors brands. It’ll soon have its own headquarters in New York City and a lineup that’ll continue to go up in price. Is it worried about things becoming too expensive for current customers? Not at all. Either pay up or buy a Buick. That’s pretty much the philosophy of newly minted Cadillac chief Johan de Nysschen, formerly of Audi and Infiniti. As he continues to move Cadillac further upmarket, de Nysschen is also very vocal about his targets.

For example, speaking at the LA Auto Show last week, de Nysschen stated that he wants Cadillac to have a $250,000 car on the market by 2029. "It is too early today for a $250,000 Cadillac. Fifteen years from now, it won’t be." At the moment, the most expensive Caddie is the XTS sedan, believe it or not, and fully-loaded it’ll cost just north of $70k. Compared to BMW and Mercedes and their top-line models, that’s pocket change. But Cadillac is gearing up for a blitz of new product, with an estimated $2.5 billion investment recently announced. What will be that $250k uber luxury Cadillac? A halo sports car? A bombproof Escalade? We’ll find out in 15 years or so.

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