Cadillac Crest Logo Controversy Has An Explanation

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Notice the logo isn't centered on the grille? Here's why.

As Cadillac's lineup continues to be replaced with all-new models, such as the Cadillac CT4, and redesigns of existing vehicles, specifically the Cadillac Escalade, its design language continues to evolve. What we're seeing isn't necessarily revolutionary, but rather appropriate updates to the luxury brand's successful styling strategy.

There is, however, one design choice many of the brand's fans have taken issue with: the relocation of the famed crest logo on the front grille. Notice it's not centered within the grille but rather elevated to a higher position. This has already been done on the Cadillac XT6 and will continue. But why not center it like in the past?

Cadillac Society has learned the answers from some Cadillac designers and, honestly, they make complete sense. Basically, the higher-positioned logo was done because of larger grille sizes and the headlights.

2020 Cadillac CT5-V Front View Cadillac
2020 Cadillac CT5-V Front View Cadillac
2011 Cadillac STS Front View Cadillac
2011 Cadillac STS Front Angle View Cadillac

The latest iteration of Cadillac's "Art & Science" design language features horizontal headlights instead of the previous vertical headlights. This new design thus forms the "book ends" of a grille. Placing the emblem higher creates a "horizontal line between the headlamps" visually connecting them for a more balanced appearance. Combined with the larger grilles, which create more empty space, placing the emblem in the center would make it look like it was "falling."

Not everyone may have even noticed the logo's new grille location, but Cadillac is hardly the first to adopt this. Audi, another brand long known for its big grilles, has been placing its four-ring logo at the top for years.

2021 Audi RS6 Front Angle View Audi
Front Bumper Audi

Instead of sticking with a design language tradition, Cadillac stylists took the correct approach. Placing the logo smack dab in the grille's center would no longer look right. It did so in the past when the grilles were much smaller and the daytime running lights and turn signals were located within the main horizontal headlight. Their relocation to the horizontal headlamp housing further justifies the design decision.

2009 Cadillac XLR Front Angle View Cadillac
Front Angle View Cadillac
2020 Cadillac CT4-V Front View Cadillac
Headlights On Cadillac
Grill Cadillac

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Front Angle View
Headlights On
2011 Cadillac STS Front View
2011 Cadillac STS Front Angle View
2009 Cadillac XLR Front Angle View

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