Cadillac CT6's Twin-Turbo V6 Will be Class Leading


On top of that, it'll weigh even less than the CTS.

Details continue to come out regarding Cadillac’s upcoming flagship sedan, the CT6. Expectations are high and Cadillac is determined to hit a homerun here. The CT6, as we know, will go up directly against the Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7 Series. Both heavy hitters will be tough to beat, but Cadillac already has some tricks up its sleeve. For starters, GM Vice President of Product, Mark Reuss, has promised the CT6’s twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6, paired to an eight-speed gearbox, will be the most "powerful six-cylinder gas engine in the segment."

On top of that, and as we already reported, there’s going to be a plug-in electric option that will feature "industry-leading fuel economy upwards of 70 mpg equivalent." Reuss also pointed out that the CT6 will have "the world’s most advanced body structure…and it’s not aluminum. It’s a stronger, smarter, safer premium luxury vehicle." It’s a mixed material structure that combines GM’s patented welding technology with high-strength steel, aluminum and steel stampings and castings. The result is a big sedan that uses 20 percent fewer parts. What’s more, the CT6 will actually weight 53 lbs less than the smaller CTS.

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“Rather than try to copy someone, or do something that has already been done, we have created, we think, the vehicle, in this time frame, that will stand apart and make Cadillac again the standard of the world,” Reuss summarized. We'll have our answer as to whether this can be accomplished in the near future.