Cadillac CT6-V Is Back And More Expensive Than Ever


But still undercuts many of its German rivals.

It took less than two days last January for the 550-hp Cadillac CT6-V to sell out. Granted only 275 examples were made available but it’s striking just how fast those sales happened given this is a $90,000 sedan. Not long after this announcement, Cadillac realized it would be stupid not to build more because of the high demand and profit margin, so another round of CT6-Vs is set to be made available in the near future. But the key thing to understand here is that when there’s big demand, the product producer is in a position to increase the price. Welcome to Capitalism 101.

Cars Direct has learned that as of this month Cadillac is raising the price of the CT6-V by $4,000 for a new total price of $92,790.

In a memo to its dealerships, Cadillac stated that early CT6-V buyers "were rewarded with a special introductory offer by quickly raising their hand.” Those who hesitated but still want one are now being penalized, in a way. They’re now getting a second chance but it’s coming at a $4k price boost.

Cadillac also wants to shrink the price difference between the V and slightly detuned Platinum 4.2 trim. Previously, we learned the 500-hp Platinum 4.2 would actually cost more than that V by nearly $8k. Increasing the V’s price reduces that figure by half. Also, Cadillac has further increased the price gap between the $87,990 CTS-V and CT6-V to $4,800.

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Now, these figures may sound like a lot to pay for a Cadillac, a luxury brand whose sedans have been struggling to make significant dents in their respective segments against their German competitors. However, even with the CT6-V’s new price tag, it’s still less expensive than, say, a BMW 760i, which only starts at $160,000.

Sure, the BMW has an additional 51 hp, but that equates to an extra $1,344 for every 1 hp. Is that, along with the BMW badge, really worth it? The Cadillac CT6-V and its 4.2-liter twin-turbo V8 remains a relative bargain.