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Cadillac CTS-V Goes Testing at the Ring


New twin-turbo V8 is about to be pushed to the limits.

With Cadillac set to unveil its all-new CTS-V sometime next year, the US carmaker is in the midst of testing its BMW M5 fighter. And where better to give it a thorough work out than the Nurburgring. The hi-po sedan will be lighter and more powerful than its predecessor, with recent reports suggesting a twin-turbo V8 will be underhood rated somewhere close to 600 horses. The camo is pretty heavy, nonetheless we can see a revised grille, new intakes on the front bumper, and an aggressive front lip spoiler.

There's also a new trunk lid spoiler, and quad round exhaust tips instead of the regular CTS’ rectangular pair. Also note the large brake calipers, two-piece brake rotors, high performance wheels and huge rear tires. A more potent powerplant coupled to a lighter platform and a host of modern performance goodies, such as the latest magnetic ride suspension and limited-slip diff will result in a dramatic improvement in performance. The 2016 CTS-V will also be significantly more expensive than the current range-topper, with prices to be around $60k more than the CTS Vsport. That gives Caddy a nice little gap to make room for the smaller ATS-V expected sometime in the next year.

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