Cadillac ELR Tests in the Snow

GM's hybrid luxury coupe was taken to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for some vital cold weather testing.

Underneath the svelte coupe body of the 2014 Cadillac ELR lurks the guts of the Chevy Volt sedan. Yet the ELR has a decidedly different suspension setup and runs on different tires, meaning that although the Volt has been well tested, the Caddy still needs to be put through its paces. Testing its traction and stability control systems, as well as the driver-focused car's anti-lock braking, Cadillac took the ELR to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, the perfect outdoor laboratory in which to investigate how the car's chassis handles the extreme cold, snow and ice.

The extended-range electric luxury vehicle's battery performance and range also had be validated in these extreme conditions, because something tells us most buyers wouldn't be too happy if their car broke down in a snow storm. Positive feedback is hoped for on all counts as there's a lot riding on the ELR's success.

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