Cadillac Escalade Lowrider Is A Gangster SUV

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Complete with a dropped suspension and flared fenders.

Due to go on sale later this year, the all-new Cadillac Escalade is sure to find continued favor with fans who always admired the full-size SUV's blinged-up style and intimidating proportions. The design of the new one builds on this philosophy and will no doubt end up appearing in its fair share of hip hop music videos.

But if the standard version won't be enough for you, Abimelec Design has rendered an even more gangster, widebody version of the SUV that is guaranteed to offend every kindergarten teacher in the country. Painted in red, this lowrider take on the Escalade looks properly mean.

Abimelec Design via Facebook Abimelec Design via Facebook Abimelec Design via Facebook

It shares the original's large grille and the distinctive vertical lighting elements that extends almost all the way up to the headlights, but a bolder lower front lip, massive deep dish rims in silver, and a dropped suspension dramatically alter its overall presence. Let's just say that it's not the car you want to be waiting for you in a dark alley. At the back, a smoky effect has been applied to the vertical taillights, and the privacy glass remains.

Viewed from the side, massively flared wheel arches add a lot more muscle than on the original, and Abimelec's version sports large running boards, although as low as this render sits to the ground, the running boards probably aren't even necessary.

Front Angle View Cadillac Cadillac Front Angle View Cadillac
Front Angle View
Front Angle View

Although it's outrageous to imagine driving anywhere in something like this and maintaining one's dignity, Abimelec should be given credit for at least ending up with something that looks really aggressive. Besides, if you're going to pimp up any big SUV, it's got to be the Escalade. In case you want to start a petition for Cadillac to build this, the digital designer calls it the Cadillac V, with the 'V' standing for Very Low.

While we love the designer's vision, we're more excited about the real deal, which is set to introduce some of Cadillac's most advanced tech ever, including a giant curved display ahead of the driver and the manufacturer's Super Cruise driver-assist feature. We can't wait to experience it.

Rear Angle View Cadillac Central Console Cadillac Cadillac
Rear Angle View
Central Console
Source Credits: Abimelec Design

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