Cadillac Favoring ATS Coupe?

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The Cadillac CTS Coupe may not be long for this world, with Cadillac reportedly leaning towards an ATS coupe instead.

Just a couple of days ago we brought you a report from Edmunds that indicated Cadillac was planning to spin the new CTS into a coupe. But around the same time, a conflicting report from Car and Driver suggested that GM is planning to take a different route this time around. C/D suggests that, instead of a new CTS coupe, Cadillac will instead make a two-door version of the ATS. Since the CTS has grown to take on the likes of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and BMW 5 Series, the ATS is positioned to target the C-Class and 3 Series.

An ATS coupe, then, would go after the C-Class coupe and upcoming BMW 4 Series. That would leave the CTS in sedan form alone, with the outgoing CTS coupe and wagon to carry on alongside it for another year or so before being discontinued altogether. While the multiple variants of the CTS helped Cadillac fill out its model line – particularly for Europe where wagons are popular – the wagon variant accounted for only 7% of CTS models sold, making it hard for Cadillac to justify developing a new one, even if it were rather straightforward to modify the CTS (old or new) for the task.

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