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Cadillac Goes Trademark Crazy, Are New Models On The Way?

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This could be the start of a Cadillac product onslaught.

We have known for a while now that Cadillac was set to change its naming scheme, with 'CT' models to signify cars and 'XT' models to denote SUVs. Right now Cadillac's lineup is split between older models like the ATS and CTS and newer models like the CT6. The company has already replaced the SRX with the newly named XT5 and introduced a smaller XT4 to compete against models like the Audi Q3, BMW X3, and Mercedes GLA. Cadillac is far from finished with adding new models, however, as GM Inside News reports that the company is preparing a trademark spree.

Cadillac has already reserved the rights of CT2 through CT8 as well as XT2 through XT8. Of course, Cadillac may not necessarily use all of these names, but it prevents other automakers from having them. BMW similarly applied for patents for a range of M names and i models ranging from i1 up to i9. We know that a CT5 model is set to replace the ATS and it has been hinted that an XT6 will be introduced above the XT5. There have also been rumors of a Cadillac halo model, which could use the CT7 or CT8 name.

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Among all of the possible new models, we are really hoping for a two-door luxury flagship powered by Cadillac's new 4.2-liter twin-turbo V8 that was first introduced in the CT6 V-Sport. Cadillac has been on a roll building stunning concept cars, now all that's left is for the company to put one of them into production. This patent filing opens up Cadillac to produce a ton of new products that could help the brand compete in many more segments.