Cadillac Has A New Oscar-Winning Brand Ambassador

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A luxury brand needs an ambassador with influence.

Cadillac is on something of a roll lately. It's just teased a hardcore, go-faster version of the CT5 and an electric SUV while also preparing to enter the limo market. Along with that, its new Lincoln Navigator rival, the Escalade, is one of the most exciting full-size SUVs released this year. Even with all of its advanced technologies, a little extra marketing and celebrity endorsement never hurts, so Cadillac has enlisted the services of Emmy and Oscar-winning actress Regina King for its latest Escalade TV spot. It revolves around the tagline "Never stop arriving" and highlights Cadillac's commitment to innovation and excellence regardless of adversity.


Considering the tough time that all facets of the auto industry have had to endure this year, overcoming adversity is a highly relevant endeavor. With a female actor, and one of color, being chosen to represent the brand for this commercial, Cadillac is drawing parallels between the struggles such an individual faces and its own hardships. Despite these, the overall vibe is a positive one, showing that you should never stop improving and working to become the best that you can be, even with the odds against you. Cadillac has established a strong connection to the empowerment of women with this effort, as both the campaign's director and Director of Photography are women at the top of their game too.

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The video also affords Cadillac the chance to show off its Super Cruise function, as well as its expansive digital displays that can be configured according to user preference, showing driver info, media, or navigation details. One of those screens is a curved OLED display, while the Escalade also blazes a new trail with the first automotive audio system from AKG. We don't doubt that, with all these features, the new Escalade can sell itself, but it's invigorating to see the brand choosing to use the commercial as an opportunity to inspire those who may not yet have reached their full potential.

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