Cadillac Interiors Are About To Become Incredible

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If this Monterey-bound concept car teaser is anything to go by.

For an event that's best known for its classic car concourse shows, the Monterey Car Week is going to be home to quite a few big reveals. Lambo god Valentino Balboni is unveiling his beautiful new Aventador SV exhaust system there, we know Pagani will be bringing a Huayra Roadster and Mercedes is expected to showcase a massive Maybach-esque concept. And now Cadillac's joining in the fray, by declaring it'll be bringing its own concept car to the prestigious automotive gathering.

Unlike the Merc, Cadillac's decided not to reveal anything that gives the exterior design's game away. A big reason behind this move, though, is that the bodywork isn't the focus here. Instead, the Caddy concept will showcase what future Cadillac interiors will look like.

The OLED displays as showcased in the teaser are of particular highlight: they've been created in conjunction with LG and are representative of technology "being developed for a future Cadillac production vehicle." Little else is known about the rest of the car, though the screengrabs we've picked from the teaser video suggests Cadillac interiors will become pretty awesome. The display graphics look rather incredible, and the OLED layout is unlike anything we've seen in a production Cadillac before.

Plus, though it's clearly in need of being toned down in order to be suitable for customer cars, the striking and minimalist dashboard layout (complete with the thin-rimmed steering wheel) has the potential to work really well and set Cadillac apart from the interiors found in rival executive cars. If the bodywork of this concept is as extravagent as the interior, then this design study could be ranked as one of the most intriguing that Cadillac has ever produced.

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