Cadillac is Bullish For EV Technology

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Could Cadillac be developing a Tesla Model S fighter?

The all-new Cadillac ELR is still a couple of months away from hitting showrooms and already the automaker believes it'll be a huge hit. Because of this, Caddie executives are now in the process of conceiving future models that'll be powered by EV and plug-in powertrains. Remember, the ELR uses the same basic platform/powertrain as the Chevy Volt, but the latter commands a much higher price ($75,995) and will therefore be way more profitable. GM is convinced that the ELR will lure in new Cadillac customers, many of whom might have even taken a look at the Tesla Model S.


Granted, the ELR and the Model S aren't direct competitors, but GM has paid close attention to Tesla's stockpiling of successes lately. If people are willing to spend big on a premium EV like the Model S, then they'd surely be willing to do the same for a competing Cadillac. Therefore expect to see more Cadillac models to appear in the next few years that are either plug-ins or outright EVs. Perhaps the biggest concern some enthusiasts may have is whether the eventual production version of the Elmiraj concept will feature either of those two technologies. Instead of a gasoline engine under the hood, Cadillac may have something else planned that could take the fight straight to Tesla.

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