Cadillac Is Finally Killing Off This Epic Failure


It's about time this car died.

Cadillac recently came out with some great cars, but its previous cars-and this is being kind-were utter crap. The American automaker attempted to make a luxurious plug-in with the ELR, but the vehicle was a failure. President of General Motors' Cadillac division Johan de Nysschen, revealed to Automotive News that the ELR extended-range plug-in won't be back for any future generations. After its debut in 2013, the ELR is already getting the axe and that's a good thing, because it wasn't helping the brand to bring in new customers.


Cadillac spokesman David Caldwell confirmed that the ELR won't be coming back for a second generation. "Subsequent generations of the car will not be developed," Caldwell wrote in an email to Autoblog. "It's available currently as a 2016 model, and there's no change to that status." The ELR came out in 2013 and utilized a variant of the powertrain from the Chevrolet Volt. While that sounded like a great thing in 2013, the ELR's massive price tag of $76,000 meant that it was too much for the majority of interested customers. Last year, GM only sold 1,024 ELRs, which was down 22 percent from 2014's totals.

The cheaper version of the ELR, the Chevrolet Volt, sold more than 15,000 units and that was down 18 percent from the previous year's sales. It's safe to say that no one will miss the ELR.

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