Cadillac Is Over EVs So Don't Expect An Electric Escalade Anytime Soon


As if you were holding out for one.

Cadillac doesn't have an EV in the cards anytime soon, just a ton of SUVs. This unsurprising news comes courtesy of an interview Johan de Nysschen, head honcho at Cadillac, did with Automotive News (AN). The automaker is part of GM, which means it alone doesn't need to worry about meeting emissions requirements on its own. That has allowed it to plot a plug-in hybrid future, not one involving an electric car of any sort. "For us, the avenue to ensure that we are able to play in China is going to be through plug-in hybrids," De Nysschen told AN.


He also said that "most" of the lineup will eventually offer a plug-in hybrid option. The first car to offer Cadillac's new hybrid system will be the CT6 sedan late in 2016. It'll combine a 2.0-liter turbo-four with the electric drive system of the Chevrolet Volt. The last and only electric Cadillac, the ELR/a rebadged Volt, was a massive failure. Unsurprisingly it was not listed as one of the reasons why the automaker is avoiding a new EV. "We think that those cars [hybrids] anyway offer the advantage that they effectively can be a full EV, but they are not subjected to the constraints of a still-immature charging infrastructure," De Nysschen said.

Of course an EV is eventually in the cards, but according to De Nysschen it's far down the list. "Once we've covered all the bases then we'll turn our eye to doing a full EV. It's definitely not something I exclude." Although some automakers are in a rush to make an EV-see Jaguar with the new F-Pace-Cadillac is doing the right thing. It shouldn't feel rushed to offer new technology it has no real experience with. Yeah, it's part of GM and could borrow from the parts bin but consumers are smart enough to call B.S. on rebadged models. Best to make a crap ton of hybrid SUVs and then pop out an electric sedan or CUV when the time and tech is right.

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