Cadillac is Planning a Product Blitz Against Germany

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Things are about to get even more interesting for GM's luxury brand.

Cadillac isn't messing around anymore. Gone are the days of big and heavy cruisers that appealed to the average 70 year-old. Today we have performance and handling gems like the ATS and previous-gen CTS-V. Oh yeah, Cadillacs also look downright fantastic with the continuously evolving "Art and Science" design language. Sales are up and Cadillac has finally found its way. It's feeling so confident that, according to Reuters, is all set to greatly expand its product portfolio in the coming 2-3 years.

What's on tap exactly? In early 2016 there'll be a replacement for the SRX crossover and the following year will see two more crossovers – one bigger and one smaller than the SRX. All three will definitely be sold in the US and China, but European plans are still less certain at the moment. In 2015 we'll be seeing the next-gen Escalade and at around the same time the ATS Coupe and ATS-V will debut. Later this year the plug-in hybrid ELR will go on sale along with the newly redesigned CTS. Most importantly, however, is the fact the so-called LTS rear-wheel-drive flagship model is currently in development.

Hopefully the recently revealed Elmiraj concept will serve as a design basis for it and if that's the case, then Caddy will certainly have the best-looking RWD flagship on the market. Just make sure it's got a big V8 under the hood and things will be all set. The underlying message Cadillac has for Germany is this. Audi A7, BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe and Mercedes CLS: you're about to have company.

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