Cadillac Killed ELR Production In February And Didn't Tell Anyone


So we're telling you now.

We knew it was official back in early February but Cadillac was killing the ELR plug-in because not enough people were willing to pay its insane $75,000 base price (it was later lowered). Really, what's wrong with people these days?? Sarcasm aside, Cadillac's then newly installed president, Johan de Nysschen, realized not long after he arrived the ELR, despite liking its design, was a failure. Cadillac officials said that the ELR would continue as a 2016 model but no second generation was under development.

What we're learning now, thanks to Hybrid Cars, is that Cadillac ended ELR production at around the same time it announced its death. Yes, Cadillac stopped ELR production back in February and didn't tell anyone. "A very small quantity of ELR units remain available at dealers today," stated Cadillac Production Communications Manager David Caldwell. However, "Cadillac will soon launch a new plug-in hybrid edition of the remarkable new CT6," added Caldwell. Oh, and it'll be imported from China. For the record, a total of 95 ELRs were sold last month in the US, with a yearly total so far of 357 unit sales. Only 1,024 ELRs were sold in all of 2015.

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