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Cadillac Makes Life Easier For Rich People Who Hate Parking


Technology can solve just about anything.

The good news about premium features in luxury cars is that, eventually, they trickle down to mainstream vehicles. Touchscreens, for example, are now standard in nearly every new vehicle regardless of price. Chances are this new Cadillac convenience feature will also one day be offered in your typical Chevy. But for now, it’s still only available for "eligible Cadillac drivers.” What is it?

ParkWhiz is a new parking capability through Cadillac Marketplace that "enables drivers to enjoy the journey without wondering where they will park when they reach their destination,” according to Cadillac’s Marketplace line leader, Scott Goddard. "This is another example of how Cadillac is integrating technology that elevates the driving experience.”

Here’s how it works: Cadillac owners will first need to set up a ParkWhiz account online or through the mobile app. They’ll then select the prepayment method of choice and add their vehicle’s details, like the make, model, and license plate number. Following this setup, users simply link their ParkWhiz account within Marketplace to locate nearby parking options. For example, users can see whether a parking garage is full or not, and even book parking and access their entry/exit parking pass.

Of course, this is all done with a few taps on the vehicle’s touchscreen. ParkWhiz has thousands of available parking spots in more than 250 US cities, so more than likely these Cadillac drivers won’t be forced to drive around in circles waiting for a space to free up.

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"As every driver knows, parking is a core component of the driving experience. In fact, people often spend the same amount of money on parking each month as they do on gas, but with more frequent transactions,” said Dan Roarty, president and COO of Arrive, ParkWhiz’s parent company. "We are thrilled to power parking in Cadillac vehicles, making it simpler for their drivers to reach their destinations.” Marketplace was new back in 2017 and is available not only for Cadillac, but also Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC.

More merchants are signing up on a regular basis so, as we said, ParkWhiz is bound to be available at some point in, say, a Chevrolet Equinox.