Cadillac Optiq Revealed As Lyriq's Smaller Sibling

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This will be Cadillac's smallest and cheapest EV yet.

  • Cadillac's smallest EV yet
  • Slots into compact luxury crossover segment
  • Expected to be based on Ultium platform
  • Pricing and further details coming in 2024

Three years after we discovered that Cadillac was plotting a new EV called the Optiq, it's finally been revealed as a compact luxury SUV to slot in below the mid-size Lyriq. Very few details have been shared by the automaker at this early stage, but with the Lyriq starting at $57,195 and the upcoming Escalade IQ expected to be far pricier than that, it's good to see that Cadillac is bringing in a more attainable EV.

Logic dictates that the Optiq will be built on the same Ultium platform as the Chevrolet Equinox EV. Being a compact model, the two should be similar in size, but the Optiq's positioning as a luxury model will inflate its starting price.


The base front-wheel-drive Equinox EV has a single electric motor producing 210 horsepower, while the dual-motor, all-wheel-drive models make up to 290 hp. It's reasonable to expect similar outputs from the Optiq, with the quickest models accomplishing an estimated sub-six-second 0-60 sprint.

The Optiq's battery specs are unknown, but if it matches the Equinox EV, a 300-mile range is within reach. With DC fast charging, the Chevy can add 70 miles of range in ten minutes. Since General Motors joined an array of automakers that will switch to the North American Charging Standard (NACS) used by Tesla, charging the Optiq shouldn't be an issue.

The Optiq has a stylish, modern design that shares some similarities with other Cadillacs, including the grille and the dramatic vertical daytime running lights. It's not quite as futuristic as the Lyriq, but in the orange hue pictured here, the Optiq looks great. Flush-fitting door handles and 21-inch wheels are equipped to the model seen here.


The rear fascia featured vertical, elongated taillights - a pair of them are situated higher up alongside the back window, completely separate from another pair of lights lower down.

Cadillac hasn't shared any images of the interior, but we expect it to have another interpretation of the brand's curved LED display. Top models should be generously specified, and materials should be of a high standard.

The Cadillac Optiq is expected to be available in the USA for the 2025 model year, with an estimated starting price of over $40,000. That places it above the new and more affordable Volvo EX30 but below the Audi Q4 e-tron in terms of price, as luxury automakers slowly begin bringing more affordable EV options to the market.

Cadillac says that more details about features and pricing will be shared next year.

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