Cadillac Reaches New Sales Milestone And It's All Thanks To China


China is catching up with the US as Cadillac's market leader.

Cadillac's future was looking uncertain at one point, but the luxury carmaker has cause for celebration right now, as its global sales saw a sharp surge in November. And they have China to thank for it. In November, Cadillac sold 30,849 vehicles worldwide at an increase of 32.8 percent, up from 20 percent over the previous five months. Unsurprisingly, the US continues to be Cadillac's biggest market, with a 14.5 percent sales increase.


Cadillac attributes this growth to strong sales in the SUV and crossover markets, with Escalade sales increasing by 24 percent resulting in the SUV's best November figures since 2007, while the XT5 crossover had its best month since launching earlier this year. China, Cadillac's second largest market, is starting to catch up, however. Fast. Staggeringly, Cadillac's sales in China have risen by 69.8 percent, achieving a new sales milestone. In November, Cadillac sold its 100,000th car of the year in China, resulting in a 46 percent gain. It's a substantial growth in an important market that could be critical for Cadillac.

"Cadillac's rising product substance is driving consistent global growth, not only in sales volume but also in terms of brand prestige," said Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen. "Additionally, crossing the 100,000-unit threshold in China is an important achievement, as for the first time in our long history Cadillac has developed a second volume hub to support our stronghold in the U.S." Globally, Cadillac has seen an overall sales increase of 10.5 percent. The US manufacturer certainly has China to thank for this rise – particularly as sales were actually down 3 percent in Canada, 9.9 percent in the Middle East and 9.9 percent for the rest of the world according to Cadillac's sales charts.

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