Cadillac's Boss Just Leaked Info About A Bunch Of New Amazing Models

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Is a Mercedes S-Class Coupe competitor coming?

Ahh, the comments section of the Internet. The one place we all go when we want to restore/lose our faith in humanity and get into debates about the most obscure of topics. Apparently it's also a place where auto executives outline their plans for future models. The Detroit Bureau wrote an article detailing how Cadillac is at risk of scaling back on its expansion plan. The article cited industry sources and contained speculation on the part of The Detroit Bureau. You know, standard stuff for the auto industry.

From the tone of the article it was easy to gather that things seemed bleak for Cadillac, which was supposedly canning plans for a new twin-turbo V8 and a new flagship, rumored to be called the CT8 or CT9. However, none of that is true. We know this because Cadillac's big boss, Johan de Nysschen, replied in the comments section with an article-length response that gave away some juicy details on the next generation of Cadillacs set to hit the market. The meat of the information comes from the models that Nysschen confirms. He mentioned how the upcoming flagship will not be a sedan. Could it be a coupe? (Just kidding, we already know it won't be a two-door. Dare to dream, except for when you shouldn't.)

He then followed with, "We ARE planning a large crossover beneath Escalade; We ARE planning a compact crossover beneath XT5; We ARE planning a comprehensive enhancement to CT6 later during life cycle; We ARE planning a major refresh for XTS; We ARE planning a new Lux 3 sedan entry; We ARE planning a new Lux 2 sedan entry." It appears that Cadillac is scheduling a full assault on the Germans and their bloated portfolios. While it's unclear what some of Nysschen's plans are, what he did confirm is that new powertrain alternatives are being considered. That twin-turbo V8 might not be totally dead. In either case, we like where this is going. Can we get more head honchos in the comments section?


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