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Cadillac's CT6 Flagship Sedan Will Premiere in New York This Spring

Because the XTS is simply too boring.

Believe it or not, Cadillac’s current flagship is not the CTS RWD sedan. It’s the XTS, a FWD sedan (with optional AWD) that shares a platform with the Buick Lacrosse. It's not a bad car, but not what a proper flagship should be. Cadillac will finally have a remedy for this at the 2015 New York Auto Show. The range-topping CT6 will premiere in April and expectations are already quite high. Because Cadillac is in the process of rebuilding itself from a luxury wannabe to a global player on par with Mercedes and BMW, there’s no room for mistakes here.

Fake wood, aluminum, carbon fiber, or fake anything is out of the question. At the same time, Cadillac officials, mainly its new marketing chief, Uwe Ellinghaus, has been talking tough in regards to becoming known as a pure luxury brand. “I always say we want to build the first luxury brand that just happens to make cars. That sounds like a joke, but we’re serious about," Ellinghaus said in a recent interview. "In engineering terms, it makes a lot of sense to benchmark the cars against BMW. From a communication point of view, you must not follow this rule." Instead, he believes Cadillac needs to project unrestrained self-confidence and proclaim "no more crappy cars" or "no longer your grandfather’s car."

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