Cadillac's New Boss Tells Detroit Fans: "Don't Mess with Me"

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Because the buck stops here (and not with GM CEO Mary Bara?)

Cadillac is undergoing some major changes these days. It just announced that not only will it rename all of its future models with a simpler nomenclature system, beginning with its CT6 flagship, but also that it's moving its headquarters from Detroit to New York City. Apparently the latter decision hasn't gone down too well with a number of retired Cadillac executives. So Cadillac's new boss, former Audi and Infiniti chief Johan de Nysschen, posted something of a Facebook rant addressing that criticism.

Originally picked up by the Daily Kanban, de Nysschen noted that after Cadillac made its NYC announcement, he received emails from several GM retires "suggesting that is the dumbest idea since the Cimarron. I quietly wonder if any of them had a hand in creating that masterful monument to product substance." Touche. Oh, and it gets even better. De Nysschen continued: To all the indignant souls out there – this has nothing to do with Detroit. And it certainly has nothing to with where I choose to live. It has everything to do with creating an awesome car company...Cadillac must put distance between itself and the parent.

Not because there is anything wrong at GM – but because Cadillac needs to FOCUS. And if we don't move, nothing will change. So, Detroit fans, I love your city, the success of Cadillac will be your success, the majority of our jobs remain in Detroit, and as we grow, these will increase too. But other than that – don't mess with me."

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