Cadillac's New XT5 Crossover Spied Completely Undisguised In NYC

That's one way to make a world debut.

Let this be a lesson to all automakers out there: If you want to reveal a new model on your terms don’t ever take it out undisguised in public. Cadillac learned that lesson the hard way when an Oppositelock photog snagged shots of its new XT5 crossover just hanging out in NYC’s SoHo district. The new model wasn’t wearing camouflage which leads to speculation that the company is either shooting a commercial, promo shots or both. Either way, here it is!

Remember that the XT5 is set to replace the SRX. Cadillac has been mum on the details, but now we know what it looks like at least. It seems to be a bit chunkier than the SRX and comes off a bit like a mid-cycle refresh as opposed to a new model. That being said there are some distinct changes to note, such as the switch from rear-wheel to front-wheel drive. Let us know what you think about the new Cadillac XT5 in the comments. Does it look anything like the camo XT5 we saw a while back? Is it an SRX clone or something all its own?

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