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Cadillac's Twin-Turbo V8 Engine Now Has An Awesome New Logo

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But will it appear in more places than just the CT6?

Cadillac surprised us when it decided to reveal a V-Sport version of its flagship CT6 sedan. The CT6 V-Sport was set to be powered by Cadillac's new 4.2-liter twin-turbo V8, producing a whopping 550 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque. Cadillac then deemed its new car was sporty enough to forgo the V-Sport badge, changing the name to the CT6-V .

The CT6 will now the be the first of Cadillac's newly-named 'CT' models to receive a V badge. It will also be the first to utilize the company's 4.2-liter twin-turbo V8, nicknamed the Blackwing, which will also be offered in a 500-hp state of tune on the CT6 platinum.

Along with a cool name like Blackwing, Cadillac wanted to make sure it had an awesome logo to accompany it. GM Authority has uncovered what this new logo will look like, along with trademark filings in both the United States and Canada. The logo consists of "two stylized wings comprised of six elongated geometric shapes."

We expect the logo to appear somewhere on the engine cover, not on the exterior of the car. Interestingly, the logo did not show up when Cadillac first revealed the CT6 V-Sport, as the engine was originally referred to as the LTA.

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The Blackwing engine will be hand-built by just six workers, with each motor being assembled by hand. With such a heavy emphasis on exclusivity, we aren't sure what other cars the Blackwing engine could appear in. It seems like a lot of work to go through on GM's part to develop a new engine and a cool new logo, just to use it in a single car.

Cadillac's new V8 could eventually appear in the next-generation Escalade or be borrowed for the rumored mid-engine Corvette. Either way, we doubt we have seen the full potential of the Blackwing engine.