Cadillac Says $76k ELR Totally Worth It

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Others will soundly disagree.

Cadillac has high expectations for its new ELR. This heavily rebadged and restyled Chevy Volt is without question a sharp-looking coupe that'll really help to further boost Caddie's global image, but is it really worth nearly $76,000? Cadillac obviously believes so. Like the Volt there will be tax incentives that will drop the price tag by a few thousand bucks, but will those ELR customers even care? Apparently not so much, based on some early buying data coming in from dealers.


The ELR's marketing manager recently stated that the car is priced to be competitive with the likes of the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe as well as the new 4 Series. True, the ELR isn't the performance car those Bimmers are, but initial dealer feedback suggests that early customers are more than willing to pay up. Some of these people already own a Volt and see the ELR as an upgrade of sorts. Still, the idea of paying north of $70k for a prettier Volt sounds a bit absurd. Cadillac sees things differently because it wants the ELR to draw in wealthy buyers who'd normally shop elsewhere. In that sense, the ELR's price tag may not be so crazy after all.


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