Cadillac Shows New Dealership Design

GM is currently working to give Cadillac showrooms a proper makeover. As the automaker is still deciding whether or not to expand production outside of North America, U.S. customers are about to have an improved dealership experience. Cadillac has just previewed its new U.S. showroom design that will shortly become standard across the country. The new look has a more contemporary architecture theme with premium materials such as English Oak, matte porcelain tile, and brushed stainless steel accents.

GM says the design also has a more open layout that's more relaxed and will feature a customer lounge with a coffee bar. All told, some 200 Cadillac dealerships across the country will receive the upgrades. The first dealership to have the makeover is in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where these pictures were taken. Mike Mosser, General Manager of the Cadillac Ann Arbor dealership, stated that "if you want to compete in the luxury market, you have to create the right environment for customers." All very true, just make sure the cars themselves do the job first.

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