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Cadillac Steals Away Infiniti's Boss

This is the guy behind the Q50-based Eau Rouge Concept.

About two years, Infiniti hired Johan de Nysschen to be its new president with the goal of turning the brand around. Infiniti needed a major overhaul and de Nysschen was just the man to do it. After all, he previously served as president of Audi USA, and made it into a major competitor against both BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Nissan wanted him to do the same for its struggling luxury brand. And de Nysschen began to deliver the goods, such as the Q50-based Eau Rouge Concept, the sedan powered by the GT-R’s twin-turbo V6.

That super sedan is reportedly on its way to production as a serious M5 fighter. Other projects focusing on performance were in the works, but de Nysschen won’t see them through. The reason? Cadillac has just hired him away to be its new president, responsible for global sales, pricing, network and strategic development, as well as marketing and planning. In other words, he’ll be running the entire show. Coincidently enough, Infiniti just released its sales figures for the first half of 2014 this past week, with a total of 101,200 cars sold. That’s a new record. But now Cadillac wants de Nysschen to help increase its sales and further become the global luxury brand it desires to become.

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