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Cadillac Super Cruise Is Coming To A Whole Lot More Vehicles

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Super Cruise won't be exclusive to the Cadillac CT6 for much longer.

Just about every major automaker is working on its own autonomous driving systems, but few are as advanced as Cadillac's Super Cruise. And now it's set to roll out across a much broader array of vehicles. One of the most comprehensive systems on the market, Super Cruise combines LiDAR, highly precise GPS, and driver-attention systems into one package that allows drivers to cruise the highway – over 130,000 miles of it across the United States and Canada – without their hands on the wheel.

The system is currently available on the flagship Cadillac CT6, but at the Intelligent Transportation Society conference in Detroit on Wednesday, GM's product-planning chief Mark Reuss announced that the company will expand the availability of Super Cruise to every Cadillac model starting in 2020 – less than two years from now.

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What's more is that after 2020, Super Cruise will be offered on other GM products as well – not just those bearing the Cadillac crest. And the automaker is also working to implement V2X communications on an as-yet undisclosed "high-volume" Cadillac crossover by 2023, enabling it to network not only with other vehicles, but with infrastructure and other roadway users as well. "The expansion of Super Cruise and V2X communications technology demonstrates Cadillac's commitment to innovation, and to making customers' lives better," said Reuss. "GM is just as committed to ushering in a new era of personal transportation, and technologies like these will enable it."