Cadillac Tells Us Why The Lyriq Is Missing A Common EV Feature

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It's not a great reason.

Last month, Cadillac finally revealed the production version of its all-electric Lyriq to the public. It's a stunning machine that we think could be pretty cool as a high-performance super SUV, and while we're fascinated with its design - which was carried out by a supercomputer - there is one thing that doesn't quite fit. See, electric cars have their motors mounted low, near the wheels, so they have no real need for an engine bay. For most automakers, this means an added opportunity to brag about more cargo capacity, but on the Lyriq, there is no storage space in the front. So why did Cadillac choose not to frunk it?

Front-End Bumper Cadillac Cadillac
Front-End Bumper

According to a report from Cadillac Society, Lyriq Chief Engineer simply said that the team working on the electric SUV wanted to prioritize rear cargo space rather than creating multiple separate cargo spaces. According to him, this helps set the Lyriq apart from its rivals and gives the Lyriq the "largest cargo volume in its competitive set". What does that mean? Cadillac spokesperson Kate Minter elaborates: "Lyriq is aimed at customers that are looking for a luxury SUV with outstanding styling, ride and handling, and seamlessly integrated technology. In this instance, we're looking at vehicles such as the Audi e-tron and the Jaguar I-Pace."

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Aft View
Sideward Vision

In truth, the Audi e-tron offers the most volume (with the rear seats up) at 30.62 cubes, but that includes a 2.12-cubic-foot frunk and a 28.5-cubic-foot trunk area. In the Lyriq, you get one big area of 28 cubes, which expands to 60.8 cubes in total - more than the combined figures of either European rival. It seems, then, that the Lyriq features an extra-large rear cargo area rather than two medium-sized ones because the former layout is more practical and easier to use. In all fairness, the frunk is rarely used because its shape tends to be impractical, but we'll wait until we have one on test before we pass judgment on how well the rear cargo area can be used.

Cadillac Dashboard Cadillac Rear View Cadillac
Rear View
Source Credits: Cadillac Society

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