Cadillac to Build a 1 Series Fighter?

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Now that the ATS and ELR production models have debuted, Cadillac is deciding where to focus its energy as it looks to become a global luxury brand.

Although Cadillac has just unveiled its Chevy Volt-based ELR luxury coupe, it's now more apparent than ever that the American automaker is intent on becoming a global luxury brand on par with the likes of BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Along with its new BMW 3 Series fighter, the ATS, and the upcoming rear-wheel-drive flagship large sedan, Cadillac is reportedly preparing to round out its future lineup with a small crossover, a seven-passenger SUV and even a BMW 1 Series fighter.

Richard Prince, GM

According to a recent Reuters report, Cadillac's global vice president Bob Ferguson stated that we "can expect a more robust lineup." Obviously this isn't an affirmation that a small premium car is in the works, but it makes perfect sense that it soon will be. The ATS is built on GM's Alpha platform, which can easily be shortened (an ATS coupe and convrtible are also underway) and if Cadillac truly wants to be a part of the world luxury car market, it's essential to have a small premium coupe, sedan, and convertible in its arsenal. The aforementioned crossover and SUV will compete directly with the BMW X1 and X5, respectively.

No timetable was given as to when we can expect to see either of these models, but the report claims that a 1 Series fighter could come as soon as 2016. In total, Cadillac could have up to ten vehicles in its lineup by 2020.

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