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Cadillac to Launch Nearly Autonomous Car in 2017

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Strong possibility the system will be offered on the new flagship sedan.

Although Google has very much taken the lead on autonomous vehicle R&D, mainstream automakers are also working on this emerging technology. Mercedes-Benz, Ford, and Nissan are all investing time and money in this arena. And now Cadillac is following suit. General Motors CEO Mary Barra has just confirmed the luxury brand will launch an "all but fully autonomous" Cadillac sometime in 2017. To be fully clear, however: this will NOT be a fully automated self-driving car.

GM is currently developing what's called the Super Cruise system, which will enable drivers to not only take their foot off the gas while driving, but also allow an advanced cruise control system to watch the road. They'll even be able to take their hands off the wheel. Barra didn't say which Cadillac model will be the first to adopt Super Cruise, but a good bet is the upcoming flagship sedan that's due to launch at around the same time. Also in 2017, the Cadillac CTS will likely feature vehicle-to-infrastructure, or V2I, capability. The car will have the ability to receive instant alerts about traffic jams and other road-related issues. It'll also be able to communicate with other vehicles using a system known as V2V.

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