Cadillac To Unveil Three New Mystery EVs In 2023

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Production will get underway in 2024.

Cadillac is not wasting any time with its all-electric vehicle rollout as it plans to reveal three new BEVs this year, and production will get underway in 2024, per Green Car Reports. Cadillac's global vice president, Ron Harvey, has confirmed that all three EVs will begin series production next year, but apparently, it's not quite as simple as that.

The identity of these new EVs still remains a mystery, but they've been developed as global models for several markets. This means they will be produced in more than one factory in different regions. They may not even launch at the same time, but this will likely depend on the region. Equally interesting is that we don't even know which body styles they are.

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Cadillac already has a crossover with the Lyriq, and, chances are, none of these EVs will carry the prestige - not to mention the price tag - of the ultra-exclusive, hand-built Celestiq flagship sedan.

What we do know is that Cadillac long ago trademarked additional nameplates with the -iq strategy, specifically the Ascendiq, Lumistiq, and Vistiq. The battery-powered Escalade IQ still remains scheduled for a 2025 launch. We've known since late 2020 about General Motors' plan to launch 30 new electric vehicles by 2025, so it makes sense for Cadillac to play a lead role in that.

Our best guess is that at least one of those three new fully electrified Caddies will be similar in size to the XT4 compact crossover, which would be ideal to have on a global level. A three-row SUV is a must-have for North America, as is a full-size SUV. The latter could end up being the Escalade IQ, but we're merely speculating.

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Harvey refused to go into greater detail at this time. What he did confirm is that the Lyriq suffered from software issues at the beginning of production, which caused delays. That's apparently been fixed. A total of 1,000 Lyriqs have been shipped over the past 30 days, and the production rate continues to increase.

Production of the $300,000 Celestiq is slated to get underway next December. Meanwhile, sales of the combustion-engined CT4 and CT5 sedans are up by roughly 40%, with the latter enjoying its best sales since it launched in 2020.

According to Autoblog, the average age of Cadillac buyers is also decreasing thanks to the CT4 and CT5 Blackwings, but sedans are still lagging behind the brand's SUV sales. The CT5, for example, sold just under 16,000 last year, while every SUV, except for the new Lyriq, sold over 20,000 units. The Escalade still remains the top sales dog with over 40,000 examples leaving dealership lots.

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