Cadillac Totally Screwed Up Launch Of Insanely Expensive, Rebadged Volt


Sales still suck.

Cadillac can say whatever it wants on the subject, but the fact remains that sales of its ELR have been a massive disappointment. This shouldn't have happened. And it can all be blamed on its $76,000 base price. For that scratch you might as well buy a Porsche 911. Or a Tesla Model S. No rebadged Chevy Volt, no matter how extensively restyled inside and out, is worth that much money. Period. The proof is in the data: just 1,192 ELRs were sold through last November.


Over 2,000 were initially projected. Aside from the price, what the hell happened here? Well, nothing. The ELR looks great and is equipped with excellent and proven plug-in hybrid technology. It wears a Cadillac badge and truly is a luxury coupe. Just not for that price. The bottom line is that Cadillac priced the ELR out of consideration for just about everyone who'd likely buy one.


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