Cadillac Trademarks Four New Names For The Celestiq

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And one of the names is rather familiar to GM.

  • Cadillac trademarks four trim names for Celestiq
  • Aurora, Magnetic, Mist, and Vale
  • These are likely names of Celestiq trim levels

Though it wasn't the full production model, Cadillac finally showed off its latest flagship electric sedan, dubbed the Celestiq. We know the car will cost around $300,000, but final pricing and specifications won't be revealed until later this year. Well, at least not officially. While General Motors might not be ready to share more information about the 2023 Cadillac Celestiq, the company was caught trademarking what appears to be four different trim level designations for the car.

Recently, GM filed with the USPTO to trademark the following names: Celestiq Aurora, Celestiq Magnetic, Celestiq Mist, and Celestiq Vale. These all seem like never-before-used names, except for that first one, Aurora.


GM enthusiasts may remember a sleek sedan called the Aurora, which was sold under the defunct Oldsmobile brand from 1994 to 2003. Clearly, enough time has passed for Cadillac to bring the name back on an ultra-luxury product like the Celestiq. As for the other names, we can't offer as much insight. "Magnetic" and "Mist" are self-explanatory, while "Vale" is a word used to describe a valley in Colorado. What any of these words will mean in relation to an electric luxury sedan is unknown at this point.

It's also unclear if there is any hierarchy here, or each of these trims will simply be a different flavor of Celestiq all with similar features but unique styling. Seeing as Rolls-Royce doesn't offer traditional "trims" (aside from the Black badge models), we'd guess all four of these names will be relatively equal in terms of price, but that's only our speculation.


No matter what these names end up meaning, they show that the Celestiq marks a major pivot for the Cadillac brand away from alphanumeric names and uninspiring trim names such as Luxury, Sport, and Sport Luxury. We don't know exactly what the Celestiq Vale will be, but it sure sounds more exciting than Celestiq Sport Luxury. After Cadillac reveals the production Lyriq, it will be interesting to see if the brand's future EVs, rumored to be called the Vistiq, Lumistiq, and EscaladeIQ, will also adopt similar trim levels.

Cadillac will reveal the production Celestiq later this year, answering any questions about these four trim level names.

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