Cadillac Unveils Hardcore CT4-V Blackwing Track Editions

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The special run will be limited to just 99 cars of each type.

Back in June, we got word on a special edition Blackwing. Cadillac teased the car with a video of the new "Track Edition" models in the pits at a race track. We knew already that the special edition would make a big deal of Cadillac's successes in IMSA racing, which it did in the similarly expressive CTS-V IMSA Championship Edition. Now, Cadillac has shown off the whole car, and it looks simply incredible.

Per the release, the Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing Track Edition (quite a mouthful) will celebrate "Cadillac's commitment to performance" in a limited run of only 99 examples (per variant, 297 in total). Which of course means it won't be cheap. For now, Cadillac has not announced any pricing.

Cadillac Cadillac Cadillac Cadillac

Each Track Edition will be split into three choices: The Sebring IMSA Edition, Watkins Glen IMSA Edition, or Road Atlanta IMSA Edition. Also included are some unique touches like the Cadillac Racing 'Mondrian' abstract art color shields on both the hood and doors. Caddy will add IMSA logos on the front and rear splitters, a 3D printed shifter medallion, and a plaque with VIN sequencing on the B-pillar. But the striking CT4-V limited edition changes don't stop there.

Each model will also get further exclusive interior color and trim options, a sill plate "commemorating Cadillac's racing heritage at each track," carbon seatbacks, and the Carbon Fiber 1 & 2 packages. And that's all before each of the Edition-specific changes.

Cadillac Cadillac Cadillac Cadillac

The Sebring cars will all have Maverick Noir Frost (white) paint with Signet or Sky Cool Gray interior accents. As for the Watkins Glen cars, those will all have Electric Blue paint inspired by the blue guardrails found at the New York state track. Inside, the interior will get the same Signet or Sky Cool Gray accents as the Sebring edition. Finally, the Road Atlanta IMSA Edition gets Rift (matte black-grey) paint "inspired by the stunning hills and track topography of Road Atlanta" with either an Adrenaline Red or Sky Cool Gray interior accent package.

With pricing still up in the air, the order books are not open. For now, we'll simply have to enjoy looking at the handful of images provided. The last of the Blackwing cars are pretty special machines, and these limited editions will also make them rare too.

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