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Cadillac Wants To Expand High Performance V-Series Range

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Cadillac’s President also has some interesting theories why the company’s sedans aren’t selling.

It's no secret that Cadillac has been struggling to compete against its European luxury rivals like BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz. Sedan sales have been rapidly declining, which was one of several subjects Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen tackled in a recent interview with Motor Trend. He blamed low energy prices, which means consumers are less concerned about fuel economy and sedans being lighter, as well as younger consumers "who really are less tuned into dynamics and handling."

He also cited the decay of America's infrastructure as "roads no longer support high-performance sport sedans and ultra-low profile rubber." This decrease in sedan sales could cause Cadillac's entry-level sedan, the ATS, to be scrapped for the 2019 model year. If you were hoping that Cadillac will introduce a lifted wagon like the Audi A4 Allroad or Volvo V90 Cross Country as a more practical and capable alternative to a sedan, prepare to be disappointed. "I think those are interesting entries," he said. "The Audi Allroad is a little bit of an inbetweener, if you like, because it is drawing on the Avant model and turning it into more of a robust character."

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"For Cadillac, our focus right now is getting into the core segments." If you hadn't already guessed, that means Cadillac will continue focusing on crossovers, since consumers currently have an unrelenting appetite for them. Cadillac will be presenting the XT4 compact crossover at the upcoming New York Auto Show at the end of the month, which will slot below the current XT5. The Cadillac President promised that the company's upcoming crossovers will be "exciting, athletic and very attractively designed but also functional." While crossovers are vital for the future of Cadillac, the automaker's high-performance V-Series cars aren't going anywhere.

In fact, de Nysschen was quick to assure the publication that more are on the way. "V in the future will continue to play a very important part in terms of creating this halo brand cachet around Cadillac," he said. "We are a luxury brand, but we are also about producing exhilarating driver's cars, and nowhere is this more clearly brought to bear than in V." He confirmed that not all Cadillacs will get the V-Series treatment, but "a far broader part of the future portfolio will see this sport and V-Sport execution." An XT4-V would make sense to take on the upcoming BMW X3 M, and there have been plenty of rumors of a high-performance Escalade-V. A CT5-V is likely to be in the cards too.