Cadillac Will Build a Kick-Ass RWD Flagship Sedan

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Cadillac's long-rumored large RWD sedan has the potential to make its future German rivals look like pansy mobiles.

First, there was a report claiming that Cadillac had completely nixed a large rear-wheel-drive flagship. Then, only a few days later, that report was rebuffed as it appeared Caddy had only dropped the plan to build a halo car based on the Ciel convertible concept. In other words, a large RWD sedan was still on, but the question remained: When would it premiere? Today we have our answer. GM CEO Dan Akerson has confirmed to USA Today that a sedan larger than the current XTS will have its debut within two years.

Unlike the front-wheel-drive XTS, this still unnamed big sedan will be RWD and compete directly against heavy hitters like the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Although such a big Caddy has been on the rumor pile for quite some time, onlyl now has the GM CEO publicly confirmed that it'll soon become a reality. Sources have also indicated the big new Caddy will offer all-wheel drive and its platform will be "loosely based" on the new CTS. Styling-wise, we're really hoping the brand will go all the way on this one by taking its famed "Art and Science" design language to the next level. The car has the potential to be downright awesome, so let's hope Cadillac delivers.

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